(Note : The photos displayed will not be the photos I intend to use. I plan on using photos that I have taken personally. The photos displayed here are just for reference.)

Concept 1 : People walking around/walking pets/ taking the train or subway. Their heads have been replaced with camera’s and TV’s.

(Just a shot of people walking but with more motion than this reference have their heads replaced with old tvs or camera’s.)


Concept 2 : Have a silhouette of a person opening a door and the room beyond the door is replaced with clouds/the sun/ outer space.

(a silhouette shot of a person from the back infront of a open door and replace the inside of the room with something else)

(either clouds or outer space)

Concept 3 : A person in a room with clones of himself walking around or laying around the room acting on their own./A person working on the computer and the clones are looking over his shoulder.

(A person either on a laptop or lying around the room of a house)

(multiple shots of the person to give a “clone” effect as they act on their own free will or lean over him looking at the computer.)

Concept 4 : A person touching the mirror and their hand is going in the mirror as they end up touching themselves.

Concept 5 : A group of people’s faces shatter like glass to show a plain white mask underneath with words written on them describing that person’s personality. (Have the guy’s wear a suit and the women wear dresses.)

(A group shot like this one except the subjects would be dressed up and positioned in different poses. dressed in suits and dresses, but the background would be like this example and taken outside. More people will be included. with their faces in focus.)

(Their faces crack and shatter like glass to show a mask underneath.)

(Plain white mask is shown under their cracked and shattered face to be their “true selves” with markings on describing their personalities. Ex: Brave, Two faced, Happy, Trustworthy ect.)

Concept 6 : Someone either holding or laying near a snow globe (that’s the center of focus) and in the snow globe is either an entire city or someone sitting on a park bench with bright grass around them as it snows. (The person is either in a all black background or on a tiled floor)

(A person in a black background or outside either posed like this holding a snow globe or laying down near one with the snow globe as its main focus.)

(the snow globe would be the center of attention with an entire city inside but focusing on a person sitting on a park bench. the city would be behind him as he sits alone.)

progress of the hyper project. Cloning the subject in various positions giving each clone a personality or job in the photo. mainly using the lasso and megentic lasso tool to highlight the subject and place them in their position. The wand tool was also mainly used along with the added blur filter to give some sense of reality in the photo.


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